Welcome! I’m Renee Khanorkar, from Renee’s Unique Mind! Be sure to check out my blog! Anyway, in this blog, we’ll keep a theme per week and sent pictures of that theme. The pictures may or may not be taken by us. Pixies can send pictures of that theme too! And guess what! Shanessa will tell you that! Bye!


Hello! It’s Shanessa here, from My days in Montana! Please check my blog out if you haven’t already! Well, anyway, this blog is about photography! Why, you ask? Well, everyone knows photography rocks! Am I right? Of course I am! We will do a theme for each week and at the end of the week we will post our pictures! Like Renee said, they may or may not be taken by us. That means that you guys can send in pictures to us according to the theme! For example, say the theme was animals. You would take a picture of a animal! But, there’s more! After, you send in your pictures to us……… We will pick a picture and it will be the photo of the week! Sound like fun? Then come and join us! We, hope you love our collaboration!


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